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Here are a couple of suggestions if you are visiting our Student Motivation site for the first time.

1. To take advantage of the Free resources click here Free Resources

2. To find ideas and resources on how to motivate your young people then click on Motivation in the Classroom.

Motivate yourself and your young people

Five Major Challenges to Student Motivation and Achievement

Being part of a culture that has no aspirations, no
goals, no objectives, no comprehension of achievement. Do as
everyone else does especially parents. Leave school with low
or no qualifications and get the first job that comes along
with the highest pay. This 'sub' culture is self sustaining as it creates generation after generation of failure.

Social, Emotional, Behavioural
Low confidence and/or low self-esteem caused by childhood
issues such as bullying, peer pressure, bad parenting, abuse, neglect, lack of love.
Manifesting as social phobias, chronic shyness or anger,
negative attitudes and even violence. "I hate myself" or "No
one will ever hurt me again".

Peer Pressure or Sheep Mentality
Wanting to be or forced into being part of something that is
perceived as being significant or of benefit. Or, because
there is pressure to conform. These include joining gangs or
associating with high profile invididuals who have a

Apathy or Laziness
There is no positive stimulation. No interest in anything.    
The world especially education holds no excitement, no
benefit. There is no reason to achieve anything or be

The need to take drugs because of peer pressure, enjoyment or
to get away from painful issues currently being experienced
mentally or psychologically. Drug taking students are in another world when being taught.

Everything we do, our teacher and student Courses, Ebooks, Motivational Lesson Plans and Assembly Slideshows try to focus on all of the above. Please take some time to journey through our website. You will find things that will help you with your student motivation.

The Genesis eXperience

Confidence and Self-Esteem Development Course for Students
This is a teenager especially students' motivation course that can be licensed and presented by a teacher, teaching assistant or youth trainger in schools, colleges or youth training organisations. It was created to help tutors increase motivation, self-belief, confidence and esteem levels. Please click on The Genesis eXperience graphic for further information.

This website was created for kids who got a raw deal in life. Brought up by parents with little or no parenting skills. Families on benefit who couldn't afford to give their kids a decent education. Kids whose lives have been impacted by experiences that affected their confidence and self-esteem levels. Kid who don't believe in themselves. The Genesis eXPerience helps teachers, trainers and youth workers focus their young people to their strengths, abilities and qualities. And, help them take on and face the challenges in life.

Would your school or college like FREE courses?
Start a DONATE IT FORWARD Epidemic.
If so, we will use the donations to give your school or college a free Motivational course license, teachers training materials and student course books to enable you to put hundreds of your students through a Personal Development and Motivation Course. And, we will send course materials to a Third-World school of your choice.

Click here for more information.

Would your Company Like to Sponsor a Motivational Course for a School?

If your school/college would like a local company to sponsor a student motivation course or you are a company who would like to sponsor a course for a school/college of your choice then please visit our

Company Sponsorship page for more details.

Inspirational Quotations

Teachers, we hope you will be inspired by the quotations on our sound and vision presentation. We can create similiar tailormade presentations for Teacher and Student Assemblies or for Student Motivation. Just click

here to view.

De-Stressing Techniques and Products

If you are a teacher or a student you will learn how to

de-stress yourself

using our special Rhythmic Breathing Technique, our Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique, our biofeedback Stress Thermometer and our Stress Reducer Card.

Teaching Methods

If you want to 

learn about

subjects such as emotional intelligence, accelerated learning, lateral thinking, subliminal communication or motivation then this is the place.

Teacher Resources

Here you will find resources from all over the world. Our aim is to grow a list of good quality companies that can offer the very best in hard or soft

resources for student motivation.

Motivational Film Clips

The power of film is immense. You as a teacher or student can take any great film and find a scene that can be used as a metaphor for positive change. Remember the Red Pill, Blue Pill scene in The Matrix? We use it to look at choices – positive and negative; success or failure. It can be very powerful. You will find a list of recommended films together with their metaphorical uses.

Film Clips

Recommended Reading

Knowledge = Power. Books are one of life’s greatest resources. We can go to the library or a bookshop or go online and choose a book that has taken an author a lifetime to write. And we can read it in a few days. That is awesome! We have many, many books on motivation that we can recommend so we will start you off with what we think would help you with your student motivation. For instance did you know that emotional intelligence EI is as important IQ with regard to student motivation. Research shows that young people that can handle their emotions better are much more able to succeed in a world full of problems and challenges. British Psychological Society reference. You can find books on Emotional Intelligence here.

Recommended book list

Motivational Posters

If you would like some posters for your classroom or for family and friends then go here

Disclaimer: The breathing and relaxation techniques presented on this website are for informational purposes only and not medical advice. Always consult your doctor before trying anything new especially if you have any type of medical condition.

The information on this site should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. The website owner makes no warranty or representation regarding how accurate, complete, reliable, or current the text or graphics are on this site. Links to other wesites are for information only - they are not endorsements of those other websites.
Please do visit often as we are adding new student motivation resources all the time.

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