Motivational Slideshow for School and College Assemblies

Run out of Assembly ideas? Would you like to inspire and motivate your students at assemblies or staff at staff meetings? Is morale a bit low? Would you like to give them a personal lift? Is everyone feeling stressed at the moment? Are students getting anxious about their exams?

Positive Beliefs and Actions Slideshow

We have two Sound and Vision Slideshows:

Positive Beliefs and Actions
Why your Education and Exams are Crucial to Your Future

The Positive Beliefs and Actions Sound and Vision Slideshow has been designed to focus individuals to their sometimes hidden qualities, strengths, talents, skills and abilities. It will help you help them move forward in their lives.

It was created for schools, colleges and corporate organisations. You can purchase a licence for it below.

It runs for approximately 5 mins and the short sample version above runs for approx 2 minutes.

The licensed version will build on each of the Beliefs and Actions shown in the sample version and will not include the word COPYRIGHT.

To purchase a licence please see below. We will email you a Licence, Terms and Conditions and the Slideshow. The licence will allow you to use the slideshow, music, text and picture(s)as often as you like. The licence covers one school, one college or one organisation with up to 1000 staff/students. A separate licence will be required for larger numbers.

To get the best from the Slideshow please ensure you use a good quality Digital Projector with a zoom facility for larger assemblies.

Positive Beliefs and Actions Slideshow for Schools and Colleges (Assemblies and Staff Meetings)

1-year licence for up to 1000 Students Special offer to schools - $11.95 (approx £8) (This is normally $29)

Positive Beliefs and Actions Slideshow for Companies

1-year licence for up to 1000 staff $36

Why Your Education and Exams are Crucial to Your Future
This Slideshow is very powerful. We use it in our courses and we can see the impact it has on teenagers. It is designed to paint a bleak picture of the future for those who are not interested in their education. It is hard hitting and it motivates using fear. You can show it at assemblies and to small groups but it is especially focused to those young people who are at risk and vulnerable.

The Slideshow lasts approximatley 8 minutes and has some 50 slides. You can purchase a 1 month licence to present it to your school.

1 month licence $29 (Will be available within the next few days).

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