How to Think Positively

The more stressed you are the more negative you are. Your fears are magnified AND everything becomes worse than normal. Self-doubt, low confidence and low self-esteem kick in. This is when you need to relax, calm down and stop your brain working at high speed. Rhythmic breathing is a wonderful way to relax. The more relaxed you are, you more in control you are. You can find out more here Rythmic Breathing

Buy a watch with an hourly alarm. Every hour when the alarm goes off think positively about something that you are about to experience, eg. job interview, giving a speech in front of an audience or assembly. See, feel, hear yourself being confident, strong and focused at the event. Run it over in your mind many times during the day.

Don't accept what your negative side is telling you. Start an argument with it. If it says 'you are useless' tell it firmly and strong 'I am not useless and will prove that I am not useless'. (you may want to visit our Personal Achievement Diary If it says 'see you made another mistake, feel humiliated' think to yourself 'everyone makes mistakes, it was just my turn. If it says 'you are not as good, talented, successful as other people, tell it 'I have talents, skills and abilities waiting to be found and I will find them. I am as good as anyone'. Argue at every opportunity that your negative side wants to put you down.

Become friends with your negative side. Don't agree with it, but put forward your reasons for siding with your positive side.

For instance tell it 'every time you stop me doing something by making me worry or feel bad you are releasing toxic chemicals into my system and making me unhealthy. My positive doesn't do that'.

'Every time you create worst scenario pictures in my head, you are stopping me moving forward. My positive side can only see good outcomes'.

Every day you wake up say 'good morning to you my negative side. I wanted to let you know that I am going to have a good day today. No worries, no doubts. Instead I will be focusing on who I really am. An amazing human being with great potential'.

Believe in yourself 100%. Anything less is not good enough. This is your life, your career, your happiness, your destiny. All these things are what you make them - make them good. From today tell yourself - I WILL LOVE AND RESPECT MYSELF TODAY AND EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

The Law of Attraction
You attract what you think. If you think negative you send negative vibrational thoughts out into the world and attract the same back. If you think positive you send positive vibrational thoughts into the world attract the same back. Watch this film The Secret with Bob Proctor. It is quite inspiring!

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