Hello Everyone,

My apologies for not sending you this email much sooner. It is because we have been doing much work on our website.

Firstly let me thank you all for subscribing. Our aim is to send you information that will be interesting, beneficial and topical. Along the way there will be special and sometimes free offers to our subscribers. Please see below.

I want to start this 1st email by letting you know that we are focusing on two important items.

Firstly, as a thank-you for being a subscriber to our 1st Newsletter we would like to offer you a free 3-month licence to use our Motivational Slideshow for Assemblies. This will be the full licenced version.

Go to our website:


and click on 'Assemblies'. You can then view our sample version. Then, click on the Contact Us button and send us your Name and School or College. Please head it - Free Slideshow. We will then send you a file with the slideshow attached.(This free offer is only open to new subscribers from Schools and Colleges until the end of January).

Secondly, from this week we are offering Sponsorship deals to any company or small business which would like to fund and donate one of our Courses or Slideshow for Assemblies to their local school or college. Hopefully that might be your school or college.

This is also an opportunity for you to contact, telephone or email local companies to see if they might be interested. Simply refer them to our website. As a thank-you we will print their Business name on all course manuals that each student or teacher is given. And, their name will be on the Slideshow. You can find full details on the website.

Lastly, our aim is to grow our website so that we can offer schools and colleges more resources. You can help us do that by recommending our site and newsletter to others.

Thank-you very much and I look forward to receiving your emails.

Tom Hendry