Autumn is nearly here in the UK. In fact the official date I have is 22nd September and that is why I am sending this Newsletter today.

First, I am sending you a link to an extremely useful free gift that my friend and associate in Amsterdam is giving away. Ernesto runs Motivational Courses all over the world and has a put a lot of work into this valuable resource. I am sure you will find something of interest here.

Second, on the 22 September we will launch our Autumn Motivation Licence Special offer. Our Motivation License is for schools, colleges, ex-teachers or youth trainers anywhere in the world which/who would like to run The Genesis eXperience.

In 15 days time you will have the opportunity to help your school, college or any prospective Licensee obtain a £100 ($165) discount on the cost of a 1 year license. And, earn an introductory fee of the same amount. The special offer will only run for 2 weeks and will end on the 6 October. Anyone interested in Licensing can find more information here

So should you have someone interested in Licensing please ensure that they put your email address on the Licensing Prospectus form at at the above address. This will ensure that you get paid your introductory fee.

Go well.

Tom Hendry