For 2 Minutes 32 Seconds Feel Good About Yourself

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The Video

-------------------------------------------------------------- This is pure Motivation. To connect with that part of you that resonates with nature. To touch your soul.

I would have laughed at someone and thought them crazy for saying something like that about 15 years ago. Back when I was a materialistic, stressed manager in Financial Services whose only goals were to earn more money and be number one in the league tables.

Now I know the truth. Happiness comes from only one place. Deep inside us. When we find it, it changes our life forever.

That's why we need to love and respect ourselves every day for the rest of our lives. Because, when we love and respect ourselves we love and respect the world around us.



Previous Newsletter Sent 14th May 2010

I hope you will find some interest in these 3 things below.

Emotional Freedom Techniques
With regard to our last newsletter, see below, for those of you who are interested in EFT, a new website has recently been established. This website is being endorsed by all the major EFTers throughout the world.

There is an opportunity to join the website for a short while FREE of charge and get access to many EFT videos.

Here is the link EFT HUB

The Mckinnon Classroom Management System
Do you have problems with disruptive students? Are the teachers in your school stressed? Is the education of other students suffering because of the disruption? Well you might be interested in the above Classroom Management System that GUARANTEES to reduce disruption. This turns the 'traditional' way of teaching on its head. If you are interested please contact us for more information.

Miss Connie's Last Day
We loved this film about a teacher. We hope you do. Here is the link Miss Connie's Last Day

If you want to see more film like this here is the link Spiritclips

Until the next time - Go well.




Well, we had a quite a few requests for the Emotional Freedom Techniques eBook in our last Newsletter. Those of you who requested it, I hope it adds value to your life.

Those of you who missed it here it is again below.

As with most of our Newsletters we always strive to give you guys something of value and this one is no different.

We have just created an 18 week Online Course - How to be a Great Teacher and Inspire Your Students.

It brings together all that we have have learned in the last 11 years working with many thousands of young people.

The subscription cost for this course is a mindblowing $3.70 per week or the price of a sandwich!

However, we would like to make you an offer you can't really refuse. We want to give you the whole course for free. Yes FREE.

All you have to do is promote this course to your colleagues and get 3 of them to sign up.

Now I know what you are thinking. How can I promote something that I haven't even seen? So, what we are going to do is give you the first part of the course.

Please email us and we will send you it to you with instructions in how to promote the course.

This is for our subscribers only.



In the 11 years that I have worked in the Motivation world it never fails to surprise me how many people I come across who have confidence, esteem or other personal issues that hold them back.

I used to be one of them. If you read the profile on the website you will know a little bit about my life - father in prison, mother on benefit and my brothers, sisters and I experiencing children and foster homes.

Three things helped me to 'start climbing back up the mountain.'

The first was joining the army and having some structure and discipline in my life.

The second was the day I began to 'love and respect' myself after many years of continually putting myself down.

The third was the many techniques I learned along the way.

You may be familiar with one of the techniques - The Emotional Freedom Technique. If you live in the UK you will be familiar with Paul McKenna who uses this technique frequently on Television to help people overcome their fears and anxieties.

According to the specialists this technique has an 80% success rate which is quite something in the worlds of psychology and psychiatry.

As a valued subscriber to our Newsletter I would like to send you a FREE copy of the EFT Manual. This 90 page manual covers EFT in detail and gives the procedures for self-help.

If you would like a copy please send an email to Please put FREE EFT Manual in the Subject Heading.

If you are interested in another powerful technique that offers an 8 week guarantee to help you overcome your fears and anxieties, etc then please click on this link

I hope you find these of interest.

Go well

Tom Hendry