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How to Reduce Fear (A great Demotivator)

How to Reduce Fear is by no means simple or easy for everyone. In fact it may take a long time for some people to ever be cured of their fear or phobia.

In the worlds of psychoanalysis, psychology and psychiatry there is no quick cure for everyone's fears. If there was we would have heard about it. Yet, there are some amazing techniques that seem to work for certain people. You may just be one of the lucky ones. Read on.

Tapping on Meridian Lines

One of the oldest known traditions of Chinese Medicine is Acupuncture. It dates back thousands of years. As you probably know it works by putting very small needles into the meridian or energy lines that run through the body. These are mean't to 'unblock' the flow of energy that was created by illness or by some form of shock to the body.

In the last 20 years or so a form of Acupressure called Energy Tapping which 'taps' or puts pressure on certain points of the meridian lines has comes to the fore with some pretty amazing results. The powers that be reckon that Tapping can give us relief from stress, anxiety, fear, negative and limiting thoughts.

You can find out more and even download a FREE 90 page manual giving you the techniques if you go to www.emofree.com

The Fast Phobia Cure

This is an NLP technique that has cured many phobias. When it was first created as a part of NLP by Richard Bandler and John Grinder it turned a few heads. Why? Because it was getting rid of phobias in minutes when it was taking the conventional world of medicine months if not years to get rid of them. However, it doesn't work for everyone.

Here is the technique. It might sound a bit zany but go with it.

  1. Identify your phobia and what triggers it.
  2. Now imagine yourself sitting in the front row of a cinema looking up at a blank screen.
  3. Come out of your body and float up into the projector room where you can now watch yourself sitting in the front row looking up at the screen. (You are now dissociated from yourself which will reduce the fear you have of your phobia).
  4. Now you are about to watch yourself sitting in the front row watching a black and white film of you going through the fear experience from start to finish.
  5. Run the film of your phobic experience in black and white, watching it safely from the projector booth.
  6. Stop the film at the end of the experience and then float down to the front row into your body and then float up into the film. You are now you in the film
  7. With the film in full colour run it backwards very fast to the beginning, so you will experience going through the fearful event very quickly. All your actions are in reverse. This should only take a few seconds.
  8. Repeat this last step a few times if need be
  9. To ensure that you have removed your fear or phobia imagine going through a fear experience and check your reaction.

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