a metaphoise of change

by grace
(new zealand)

through out high school.... it was hard... been a nzer life was relax and i had a easy life.... not much to worry about... but then it changed i was 16 and may dad had a heartattck and so of course we all had to change for him becasue he was gpong through a trumatic expirence.... but this was enough for me to think that i was even worth living but then again i knew there was a God who new may heart pain and the one who i was close to was hanging on by a thread that had binded our family.... you would tjnk that this was enough and then 18 months later my brother had a tumor....nice ha..... we had enoigh to cope with but this was just another.....belive me gping throigh this is hard ans it seams like you are not going to make it ..... but itis at these times that i found my friends for life the ones that are true.... but i have learnt to value what is importnat as it could be taken in a heart beat.... like me.

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