A Troublemaker

I'm a teacher.I teach all ages and the most interesting classes that I teach are elementary school students. I came across a student who was thin, short with bright eyes,and full of negative energy.He was rowdy,uncontrollable and got into physical fights with other children.The principal and the teachers were constantly involved with this little boy's attitude.Daniel, was someone that attracted my attention.I took him to my room one day and spoke to him about the goodness of life and being a good child ofcourse in the language of his own age.

After a few sessions I realized Daniel's parents had divorced and this troubled child was taken to different grandparents'homes. He had completely lost his self esteem and didnot feel secured.He was scared of loving others who would finally dump him.
Two whole weeks I worked on him,gaining his confidence and telling him made up stories somewhat the same as his own.Finally my hard work gained his trust,now he is one of the most lovable students.Taking part in every class activity. Helping other classmates.He has become one of the best students in his class and if I may say, in the school.

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