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Cutting Edge Motivation which owns and runs this website was established in 1999 by Tom Hendry. Tom created motivational courses for at risk, vulnerable young people based on his earlier collaboration with a Gestalt Psychotherapist.

Tom comes from a disengaged background being brought up in a council house estate near Glasgow, Scotland. At an early age he experienced being split up from his brothers and sisters and put in children's and foster homes for a time. This was part of the upheaval that was caused by his father who was in prison for most of his early life. He only met his father on 3 or 4 occasions. His experiences led him to having low confidence, low self-esteem and consequently leaving school with no qualifications. After a short period in the army he went on to have a successful career in Financial Services largely due to his work in Motivation. He now runs Cutting Edge Motivation.

The courses are based on Tom's experiential background. They offer some real hope to young people who believe that they are useless, worthless, negative and will never achieve anything.

Cutting Edge Motivation has thousands of testimonials based on their work with schools, colleges, universities and youth training organisations. They tend to work with small groups of, vulnerable, young people putting them through a 1 or 2-day comprehensive course that focuses on the barriers to learning.Schools can also book short half-day Motivational sessions for their year groups.

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