Accelerated Learning in Education

Accelerated learning is a term for a learning style developed by Bulgarian educator and psychiatrist Georgi Lozanov, born in 1926. In the 1970s, his opinions and style for accelerated learning was proved to actually be effective. Since then, his techniques have often been introduced in the Western world and Accelerated Learning in Education is becoming more common.

Accelerated learning encompasses many different techniques and methodologies for teaching and learning. To get an idea of just how wide this area is, some of the techniques that are used by accelerated learning facilities are concert texts, applied multiple intelligence theories, reading to music, various techniques for memory enhancement, music usage that influences both emotional and mental state of the learner, and suggestopedia, which was personally developed by Lozanov himself.

Interesting Methods In Accelerated Learning
One of the most effective uses is Mind Maps. These are used to show lots of information in a radiation pattern coming out from the centre as opposed to tabular or linear compositions. They show structure through the use of links, are more visually appealing and create a hierarchy of ideas. Mind Maps also aid studying as well as the organization of materials. With a mind map, you can solve problems and make decisions better. They look like a small network with words along the branching arms of the network.

Another unusual method that accelerated learning makes use of is the Brain Gym program. This unique program is basically centered on the idea that challenges faced in everyday learning can be overcome by certain movements, which actually create pathways in the brain. This gets students doing physical activities which stimulates the brain.

Using Accelerated Learning
The learning environment itself is of critical importance in accelerated learning classes. Use of color, background music, positioning of furniture, all play a role in accelerated learning techniques. The learning environment has to be comfortable, positive, refreshing and dynamic.

Mnemonics are used frequently to create order and give a process to information being given to students. This allows them to recall their learning more effectively.

Accelerated Learning Means Less LearningWith accelerated learning, your students will learn more in less time. It has been said that the attention of the human brain is greater when learning is given in shorter time periods. Accelerated learning takes full notice of this fact and employs only short periods for students to learn more effectively.

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