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Inspirational quotes. This inspirational quote is to show that when we come out our comfort zone and set our sights higher we can really achieve what we believe to be the impossible.

Our Aimhigher courses are especially aimed at young people on the C-D threshold, gifted and talented and those about to sit their exams. The courses were initially created for those with low confidence and low self-esteem, but now anyone who lacks motivation can benefit.

Our courses focus on helping schools and colleges develop their students' motivation on each part of their journey through the key stages and on to Higher Education.

Our philosophy is breakdown the barriers to achievement, emotional or motivational, and that will focus students to their strengths, talents, skills and abilities.

The content of our courses, below, generally reflect the requirements of the Aimhigher Progression Framework. Please contact us if you would like a testimonial from one of our Aimhigher clients.

Creative Thinking Problem Solving Motivational Techniques Memory Techniques
Communication Skills Organisational Skills Changing Negative Attitudes Teambuilding Visual, Kinesthetic, Auditory Learning Styles Goal Setting

We have 3 courses available and they are:

The Genesis eXperience This is our motivational course that helps young people change their self-limiting beliefs, begin to confront the problems and challenges in their lives and increase their confidence and self-esteem. Of the three courses available this is the one that most of the young people have participated in.

If you work for Aimhigher you might like to know that your schools can licence this course. There are discounts of up to 50% available if you purchase multiple licences. Please go to Licence a Course. for more information.

Pump up the Volume This is our pre-exam confidence and memory booster course that instils a 'healthy' fear of failure, shows how anyone can learn more, faster and explains why the only real barrier in life is our self.

How to Engage, Motivate and Help Young People Realise Their Full Potential This is our teacher training or learning mentor course that offers you our experience from working with many thousands of young people.

We will show you how to:

  • work with negative attitudes and behaviours
  • change self-limiting beliefs
  • instil greater confidence and self-esteem
  • achieve stronger rapport and empathy
  • help motivate young people using fear and desire

  • Aimhigher schools can put their teachers, teaching assistants or learning mentors through any of our courses please contact us with your requirements.

    If you are a student this is the sort of information that you will find at Aimhigher

    Studying and Revising
    Work Experience
    Qualifications and Skills
    Career Planning
    E Guidance
    College and Sixth Form
    Apprenticeships, jobs and training
    Gap Year and Time Out

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