Assembly Ideas (Motivational Flash Slideshows)

Are you looking for something a little different for your Assemblies?

Have you run out of Assembly Ideas? Well you might like some of our Flash Slideshow Videos.

Lateral Thinking 1
This flash slideshow will take your students through some 'right brain' creative problems and then give the solutions. It is excellent for teaching them how to think laterally rather than logically. If you are running an assembly you can run the slideshow question by question, ask the students for the correct answer and then show the next slide with the correct answer. Try it out below. We have been running Lateral Thinking in our courses for many years. I promise your students will love it.

This has 40 slides and comes as part of the Motivation Pack for Teachers. See below.

Education is Important to Your Future
This Flash Slideshow is for teenagers who have not focused on their education for whatever reason. It uses motivation by creating dissatisfaction with failure. It gives reasons why education is important and paints a dismal future without education. It has some very powerful messages.
This Flash Slideshow has 20 slides and comes as part of the Teachers Motivation Pack. See Below.

why education is important

This Flash Slideshow has 52 slides and comes as part of the Teachers Motivation Pack. See Below.

Teachers Motivation Pack
10 x Motivational Lesson Plans
1 x Motivation/Esteem Building Course (80 pages)
1 x Lateral Thinking Flash Slideshow
1 x Why Education is Important to your Future Flash Slideshow

Inspirational Teacher Quotes Flash Slideshow

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Here is your FREE Classroom Rules PDF Slideshow. You can download and run this on your laptop and whiteboard.

Classroom Rules Slideshow

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