Behaviour Management

The McKinnon Classroom
Management System


We guarantee that this reconfiguration of your Classroom will help you:

  • reduce disruptive behaviour
  • gain more control
  • reduce intimidation and bullying
  • create a more peaceful environment for all students
  • It will also help you:

  • create a new detention room
  • create a student segregation system when running exams
  • Behaviour Management - The Problem


    Schools lose good teachers. 25% leave because of disruptive behaviour.

    Teachers are more stressed having to deal with the disruption. This puts pressure on the school when those teachers have to call other teachers for help or when they have to take time off work with stress related problems.

    Teaching time is reduced as teachers are not teaching but spending time having to deal with the disruption.

    Teachers are already under pressure by having to teach their subjects within a specified period of time. When disruption eats into that time teachers lose it forever and that affects the teacher's ability to get their students educated in their subject.

    Learning time is reduced as other students suffer. Well behaved students suffer greatly from those who misbehave as their education suffers. The great danger here is that they will leave school with low or no qualifications.

    The school has to use up its teaching and management resources as it has to write letters, make telephone calls and/or arrange meetings with parents, governors and other third parties if the disruptive events are severe enough.

    The school suffers as its governing body judges how successful it is by the number and level of qualifications its students achieve.

    So what can be done within the confines of a classroom to establish positive behaviour management? Watch our Flash Slideshow for full information.

    If you wish you can download a pdf slideshow version hereThe McKinnon Classroom Management Systemâ„¢

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