The Genesis eXperience

Over 90,000 young people from schools, colleges and youth training organisations have participated in The Genesis eXperience since 1999.  It is now available as a download to trainers that work with young people especially those with confidence and self-esteem issues. It will also help to motivate those who are about to sit exams.

Run the course in Short Modules or as 1 to 2 day Course

The course has been created so that it can be presented in short modules or as a 1 to 2 day course. It is ideal for teachers who wish to integrate it into their work or for youth trainers who wish to put groups of young people through the whole course in one go.

No Formal Training Required

The course is user friendly. You will not need any formal training as the Trainers Transcript Manual is written word for word how we have presented it since 1999. After a few days familiarisation you will be good to run your first course.

Trainer's Manual synchronizes with the Course Manual

The Trainer's Manual synchronises with the participant's course manual, so you will be guiding your young people through the following:

  1. Motivational exercises
  2. Inspirational Role Model stories
  3. Lateral Thinking workouts to stimulate Right Brain Thinking
  4. Accelerated Learning Techniques to increase speed and retention of knowledge
  5. Stress Busting and Coping Methods
  6. The Power of Positive Thinking through Personal Beliefs
  7. Self Improvement Goals and Objectives
  8. Fun, Energy exercises
  9. Inspirational Film Clips
  10. Focusing on Achievement

Live Support

Great Track Record with Authentic Testimonials

This is an authentic course with a great track record. Please take some time to read through the testimonials both from the young people and the teachers. Remember, you will be presenting the exact same course word for word.

You can find teenager testimonials here and teacher testimonials here.

Free 1-Year Licence

The course comes with a licence in your name which means you can copy our course materials and use our copyright for 1 year. As an individual you can copy as many course manuals as you will need to run your Motivation courses. When you order the course you will receive 1 Trainer's Transcript Manual, 1 Course Manual and 1 licence.

Multiple Licences Available to Organisations

If you are a company, school or youth organisation please contact us for further details of Licensing.

Very Low Cost

The cost of our course materials for one trainer is only £30.

Please click on the button below to purchase. After you transaction has been completed you will be taken to a webpage where you can download the course materials.

There is an option to purchase professionally printed full course manuals at £1.50 each. Minimum order is 20 manuals plus postage. Please contact us to order.

Do you know of other teachers and trainers who might be interested our course. If so you could be sent a  50% Referral Fee.

Please contact us.

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