Dominique Nyonzima.. FIFA instructor

by Sam Zee
(Khartoum, Sudan)

he came for specific purpose,, grassroot program made by FIFA and it turn into another subject,,

i already send him a message explain all my feelings and i'll share it with you..

First of all i'm really overwhelmed by your kindness . The idea of writing this letter is to thank you for the excellent positive messages you and FIFA are trying to spread amongst the people living in almost negative atmosphere, which not only helps people to uplift their mind by becoming positively charged and thereby neutralizing the atmosphere. On the first day itself, during introduction, I told one of the participants that I did not have any special/specific purpose of joining the course, as i heard ; it looks good to try , then i decided to join the course. But after completion and hearing you for 5 consecutive days, my feeling was as if I had a hidden desire to meet a person like you. I want to tell you that you have over compensated me my losses . During these 5 days I heard lot good things from you and did not get any mind free to think about my other things. You are successful in infusing lot of good knowledge into my grey matters of brain. The grassroot program was exceptionally impressive. I am really impressed and convinced on all things you talked, because each point has came from inside you (do what you like and like what you do) and obeviously you LOVE your job , and really became interesting when explained/delivered by person of your stature. Lastly with lots of respects and best wishes to you from someone like me who will try to become positive in every sphere of life.

Thank FIFA after GOD, for helping me to meet such person like you..


I am so grateful to you, for your inspiration. i decided to start the grassroot program with the special needs children; i know it is rewarding and challenging,,But Sometimes small things make a huge difference in our lives. Your words are one of those things!

Dominique Nyonzima,, thank you

Sam Zee

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