Ten Powerful Techniques and Tips to Empower Yourself

Get Rid of your Fears and Increase your Confidence

Meridian Lines. The Chinese knew about them 3000 years ago. They created acupuncture. Here is the acupressure version that you can do personally. Release your Fears and increase your confidence. If you think this is a joke, just try it on yourself. You might be very surprised AND empowered. Watch FasterEFT

Oxygenate your Brain and your Body

When you breathe properly you are oxygenating your whole body especially your brain. Why? Because your breath takes the oxygen to every cell in your body! To breathe properly you need to use the diaphragm breathing technique. Breathe into the bottom part of your lungs for a count of 5 seconds , hold for a second or two and then release for a count of 5 seconds. Do not overbreathe or you will make yourself faint. If you suffer from anxiety or nerves learn to breathe this way every day especially at night when lying in bed. You know you are breathing properly because your stomach will go in and out. When you don’t breathe properly your shoulders go up and down.

Get rid of low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem? You need to love and respect yourself more. How? Start talking to yourself in a positive way! You are probably very good at putting yourself down. Well guess what my friend, you are you, you are not someone else. Your life is your life, so start building yourself up. Every person makes mistakes. Every person has done something that makes them cringe. No more worrying yourself into an early grave. No more letting your thoughts control your life. Whenever that negative voice starts putting you down, start an argument with it. Tell it firmly, ‘no way will you control my life anymore, from today I will begin to take back control of myself’. You will empower yourself the more you take control of your life.

Review your Past Life to help you feel good in the Present Moment.

Start a Journal and list all the positive, wonderful, caring, happy, compassionate, joyous events in your life. Split your journal into sections. 1. Helping Others – list all the times you helped your family, friends, strangers. 2. Happiest Moments – list all times you were happy such as holidays, the day you met that special person, a baby being born. 3. Problems you have Overcome – list all the times you overcame problems and challenges in your life. 4. List all the times you empowered yourself.

Creative Visualisations

Your mind can’t tell the difference between something real and imagined. Just try this. Close your eyes and imagine a sour lemon cut into quarters on a table. You pick up one piece and bite into it. Did you salivate? Did muscles around your mouth clench? See, it was only imaginary but your brain thought it was real. From today create positive images of yourself. See yourself doing the thing that previously you thought was impossible. Run a video in your head where you see yourself being confident, positive, happy, smiling, professional, strong, determined.

Help someone today

If you think your life is life is crap then know that there is always someone who is worse off than you. Go out and help someone today. Find someone who needs a shoulder to cry on. Find an older person who is lonely and needs some company. Help that young person get off drugs. Help someone who is depressed by being positive with them. Take a disabled person out shopping or just sit in a park with them. Go and do some voluntary work for a good cause. If you are really feeling low go to a children’s hospice and look into the eyes of a child who only has a few months left to live. Then stop taking your life for granted. Live it.

Get your Heart and Lungs into Action

Your body needs to be fit and healthy. If you want your threescore and ten (age 70) at the very least then ensure you treat your body as a temple. If you don’t use it, it will rust up and you will then become older than your years. Your muscles and joints will seize up and your body won’t get properly oxygenated. Start running, cycling, swimming, yoga. Start a fitness class like Zumba.

You are what you Eat

Feed yourself crap and you will become crap. Feed your body the correct food and nutrients and it will give you many happy years of living without problems. Don’t forget your daily dose of fruit and vegetables. Get out that juicer and make some great drinks. You can even do some fantastic cocktails with a bit of creativity. Learn about vitamins and take them if you think your body needs them. Your body needs empowered as well as your brain.

Self Actualisation

What is your purpose? Where are you going? What have you done in your life? If the answers are negative then start focusing on the rest of your life. Don’t be the person who looks back the day before they die with the thought – ‘ I did nothing significant in my life’.Be the person who says ‘ My life was worthwhile’. Sit down and think about who you are. What strengths do you have? What can you give to the world? How can you help others?

Find your Spiritual Side

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love is the only thing that matters in your life. Love yourself. Love your family. Love your friends. Love your neighbours. Love strangers. Love is a vibration, a feeling, a powerful emotion that when it touches you, you will never again be the same. When someone shows you true love, they change your life. When you show someone true love you change their life. Here is the proof that love is powerful. Go here Near Death Experiences

Health Warning
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