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Exam Preparation might be more important than you think. Your education will have a major impact on the rest of your life because, generally, it will determine the following:

  • How much money you will earn. Research shows that those with a higher education can earn as much as 33% more than those who don't! That might not seem a lot until you get your calculator out and multiply that by the number of years you will be in employment. Anywhere between 35 to 50 years. That is a lot of money.
  • Your standard of living. Generally, your income will determine what sort of car you will drive, what size house you will buy, what area you will live, how many holidays you will take.
  • Your kids' education. Your income could determine your choice of where to educate your kids. The more money you have the more choice you have. And, probably most important..your ability to help your kids with their homework.

    Now ask yourself this question. What in my life is more important than the above? Is it my false friends? Is it drugs? Is it my gang? Is it my apathy, laziness or lack of motivation? Is it my comfort zone?

    Now if you really believe your life, your future kids and your freedom are more important than those things above then please consider doing the following Exam Preparation:

    12 months before your Exams

  • Learn Memory Techniques to help you assimilate and recall much more knowledge. Go here Speed Learning
  • Put your life on hold and totally focus on studying right up to your exams. That means telling your friends that you won't be as available as much for socialising.
  • Create a weekly plan. Devote 'x' number of hours per week for study. Choose a place where you won't be disturbed. Chunk everything down to small achieveable goals. Celebrate when you achieve these goals.
  • Communicate your intentions to your teachers. Ask them for help and advice. Tell them you are serious about your exam preparation. Go to them when you hit a problem or are struggling.
  • 6 months before your Exams
    Learn how to relax yourself. You will find techniques at Student Stress, but as a quick taster you need to focus on your breathing. Your objective is to breathe slower and deeper ensuring your diaphragm muscle works your stomach in and out. Do not overbreathe as you will feel faint. Your first objective should be 4 breaths per minute. Approximately 7 seconds in and 7 seconds out. This is a great de-stressor and you should practice it as much as possible during the day and definitely last thing at night for at least 15 minutes. Do this every day right up to your exams.

    3 months before your Exams
    By this stage you should have covered all your subjects. This is the time to start reworking the subjects you have difficulty with. Make a list of all the subjects or parts of, that you want to work on. Again, create a weekly plan, set aside daily time, chunk down and celebrate achieving your goals.

    1 month before your Exams
    Learn about and create a Mind Map for each subject especially your difficult subjects. Put your main subject in the middle of the page, attach your subheadings to your main subject and then add the important points to each subheading.

    2 weeks before your Exams
    Begin practising positive visualisations and feedback. Create pictures in your head of success and achievement. See yourself being confident every day leading up to your exams. See yourself getting up the morning of your exams and being confident, prepared and ready. See yourself sitting down and looking at your exam paper or computer screen and knowing deep down inside that you will do well on every question. Start arguing, questioning, disagreeing with that little voice in your head that is putting you down. Tell it, 'you are wrong, I will do this for me and my future'. Tell it 'you are not in control of my life. You will never be in control of my life.'

    1 day before your Exams
    Relax and De-Stress by spending most of the day using the diaphragm breathing technique. Clear your mind of all thoughts and just be a part of this wonderful world that you live in. You have done enough work and this is the day for chilling out and getting yourself prepared mentally.

    Exam Preparation is worth every hour you sacrifice to it. Go for it

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