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A teacher that doesn't use film clips in his or her work is missing an extremely valuable asset especially if work with challenging students.

A simple Film Clip has the power to inspire, motivate, change beliefs, change lives and even change the world we live in. If the most powerful motivators are fear and desire then the most powerful medium for the same must be the film.

Think of your favourite film. Was it The Godfather, or The Shawshank Redemption? Or, maybe it was Lord of the Rings or It's a Wonderful Life? Could it be Pulp Fiction, The Matrix or Star Wars? Or even Harry Potter?

As a parent, teacher or student you need all the motivational resources you can find. Below is a list of some of the films we believe will add value to your work and/or life. There are films for low confidence and low self-esteem; for lack of motivation or determination; for apathy and negative thinking. There are films for every kind of subject. And, subjects for every kind of film.

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SpiritClips Inspirational Videos

The Matrix
Red Pill, Blue Pill. A great metaphor for Success and Failure in this excellent Sci-Fi film. It is about men and women fighting machines. Positive against Negative. Good against Evil. Morpheus believes Neo is the chosen one who will save them all from destruction. The scene about 20 mins into the film is where Morpheus offers Neo a choice of pills. His choice will determine his destiny and maybe the destiny of all others.

Billy Elliott
Young Billy wants to become a ballet dancer but his father and brother hate the idea. In fact his father wants him to become a boxer. This is a tough little mining village in the north east of England back in the early eighties and young boys don't become ballet dancers. The film shows Billy's qualities of determination, persistence and positive mental attitude especially the scene where he joins the ballet class.

There's only one Jimmy Grimble
Jimmy lives near Manchester, England and dreams of one day playing for Manchester City Football Club. However, in reality he has low confidence and low self-esteem due to being bullied at school. A pair of magic football boots change all that and he becomes the best player the school has ever seen. The final match at the end is pure brilliance.

A great Disney film about a group of herbivore dinosaurs heading for the watering holes. It’s a rush against time and the rains and their two leaders are driving them relentlessly. That is until one of the leaders is attacked by a ferocious carnivore dinosaur. He believes he will die until some wise monkey changes his life. Fate or free will? Do you believe you can make a difference in your life through your actions? Or, do you believe everything is already predetermined so maybe there is no point fighting anything?

The Green Mile
Big John Coffey is in prison on death row for supposedly killing two young girls. He is innocent and we all know he is a good man. He can heal people using his special powers. However, he wants to go to the electric chair for three good reasons. The best scene is 2 days before his execution where the prison warder (Tom Hanks) is asking him a few questions. The three good reasons make us look closely at our self and ask this question. Am I a good or bad person? Do I add to the suffering in the world or do I add to the love in the world? Do I treat other people badly or do I respect and help them? This film can turn bullies into nice people.

Pay it Forward
A young boy is inspired by his teacher to help 3 people with a big problem. He does and then those 3 people each help 3 other people. And on and on it goes. This wonderful concept means that anyone in this world can make a huge difference to many other people in this world. Two good scenes are 1. At the beginning of the film a reporter is given a new car when his is destroyed at a crime scene 2. When he goes to find the lawyer who gave him the car and asks why. The lawyer tells him he is 'Paying it Forward' and he must do the same and relates how someone helped his daughter when she was having an asthma attack in a hospital.

Goodwill Hunting
A young guy is abused physically and mentally by his father who then dies. As an orphan he grows up hating himself and the world. He has an amazing brain but sticks two fingers up to everything other than his close friends. The whole film is good because it shows him getting rid of his 'baggage' and driving into the sunset to become someone in the world.

Dead Poets Society
Seize the Day - "Carpe Diem". This teacher, played by the wonderful Robin William, changes lives! How? By believing in his students, by being different, by taking them out of their comfort zones.

Chariots of Fire
The true story of two passionate British athletes in the 1924 Olympics. A story of faith, hope and glory. It proves to us that we can achieve our dreams but only if we want them badly enough.

The Shawshank Redemption
Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free. This film was a box-office flop and went on to become one of the top video rentals. It's about never giving up, never losing hope. Andy Dufresne is sent to prison for supposedly killing his wife. He has to put up with many years of beatings, abuse and a bent prison warden. The ending is wonderful.

Mr Holland's Opus
Another great teacher film. Richard Dreyfuss plays the teacher Glen Holland who inspires his students to go the extra mile. Similiar to Dead Poets Society this film focuses on how one human being can make a difference in others' lives.

Patch Adams
This is a film about caring, compassion and helping others. Patch Adams is a real life person. and in the film he is played by Robin Williams. His passion is to become a doctor but unfortunately he is in a mental institution. Whilst there he meets an older patient who gives him an important message - "never focus on the problem, focus on the solution" - using his fingers in a metaphorical way! The film goes onto show him as a caring, compassionate doctor. Lookout for the scene in the children's cancer ward. In real life he eventually opens his own hospital.

The Secret
An amazing film that gives us a wonderful secret. What we focus on we will achieve. If we focus on succeeding in business - it will happen. If we focus on becoming more confident - it will happen. If we focus on achieving our ambition - it will happen.
However, this is also true for negatives. If we focus on being useless - it will happen. If we focus on being a failure - it will happen.
From today focus only on the positives in your life.

If you know of any film clips that have the power to inspire or motivate then please let us know. Tell us all about it/them using the form below. Many thanks.

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