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On this page you will find information on our:

  1. Free Courses for schools with no funding
  2. Free courses for schools which promote The Genesis eXperience
  3. Extended 1, 3 or 5 year licence, teacher training and course materials.
  4. Company Sponsorship

Free Courses
We are giving away Genesis eXperience courses every month to selected schools and colleges. This course is designed to be presented by teachers, teaching assistants or learning mentors and it will help them:

  • destroy negative peer pressure
  • instil a sense of identity
  • break down fear
  • build up respect for self
  • rid apathy and lack of motivation
  • plant the seeds of achievement
  • It has evolved over the last 10 years from the feedback of many thousands of young people from schools and colleges throughout the UK. We hope to go international with this course in the near future.

    We will consider applications from any school or college and in particular those which:

    1. are low in the league tables
    2. have low or no special funding
    3. have a high percentage of young people with attitudinal or behavioural problems
    4. have a high percentage of gifted and talented young people
    5. have a low rate of retention

    Each course will include:

    1. a three-month Licence to deliver the course to as many students as you like
    2. a Presenter’s fully Comprehensive Script
    3. a Participant Course Manual to be photocopied for each student

    To apply would the Head-Teacher or Assistant Head-Teacher please subscribe to our free Motivation Newsletter below and then complete the application for a Free Course.

    Free Courses for schools and colleges which promote The Genesis eXperience
    Promote The Genesis eXperience to at least 2 schools and we will either refund your £1250 or give you the course materials, 1 year licence and course materials for free. For more information please contact us.

    1, 3 or 5-year licence, teacher training and course materials
    If your school or college would like to apply for a 1, 3 or 5-year licence, teacher training and course materials all at little or no cost to you then you may be interested in our Donate it Forward initiative. Once completed we will give you all of the above and you can then put every student through the course. For more information please go to Donate it Forward

    Company Sponsorship
    We have set up a scheme whereby a local company can sponsor courses for schools or colleges in their area. For more information please go to Company Sponsorship




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    Free Courses

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