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Inspirational Teachers Flash Slideshow
If you want to see an inspirational teachers' flash slideshow then please go to the link below. This slideshow will motivate and inspire you to greater heights. It can be used for staff meetings or assemblies. It is free for teachers.

Inspirational Teachers Slideshow

Online Study Skills/Memory Improvement Course
Free 7-day access to our 1-hour online Study Skills/Memory Improvement Course. If you have low achievers, slow learners or students struggling with their exams then this for them.

This will show them how to visualise information when being taught and recall it when it is needed.

Please click on the link below, fill in your name and email address and you will be given a password and the link to the course. Free Trial

Esteem-Building Lesson Plan
This lesson plan looks at Personal Achievements and brings out all the positives of your students. It deals with achievements, problems and challenges overcome, compliments paid and happiest proudest moments.

You can get it free when you join our Motivation Newsletter

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