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There is free stuff for teachers all over the internet but most of it is worthless or of low value. Our aim is to offer you quality things that you can use to add value to the good work that you are doing with your young people and also for your own professional development.

For instance you can watch our free Inspirational Teachers Slideshow that has some wonderful graphics and quotations. You will also find some meaningful and humorous Teacher Quotes. If you believe they add value please do let your colleagues know about them.

How many ideas do you need for your Assemblies each term? Lots! You need to keep your students focused, motivated and inspired. Why not consider running an inspirational slideshow for Students every so often to do just that. Here you can view a free trial version of our Positive Beliefs Slideshow

Accelerated Learning is a must for teachers these days. With bigger classes and less time to teach subjects you need all the help can get. Here you will find The Learning Revolution When we came across this book it literally blew us away. The Learning Revolution was so popular it sold 10 million copies in 1 year. This book is written in such a way that you skim read all the left hand pages first to get a profile of each subject and then you read all the right-hand pages to get the content. This book is a must for every teacher and the great news is you can read it for free.

Stress related illnesses cause more teachers to take days off work than any other illness. Therefore, stress-busting techniques are so crucial to a teacher's wellbeing. We have found an amazing book called The Science of Breath that was written over 100 years ago by Yogi Ramacharaka in India. It gives many different breathing techniques to help us achieve vitality, health and a stress free life. The ebook version is free to anyone who joins our Motivational Newsletter.

And as a big thankyou for joining our Motivation Newsletter we have decided to give you a further freebie The Science of Getting Rich
Now this book is interesting because it inspired Rhonda Byrne to write the book and create the film The Secret (which you can watch the first 20 mins for free). We wouldn't normally give anyone a book with this name, however, I think you will be surprised by the content.

If you are a teacher in training or just recently qualified you might find our Student Teacher Survival Guide helpful. Learn and Enjoy!

If you want to run a meaningful lesson that gets your students to open up and talk about their experiences then our FREE Motivational Lesson Plan is for you.

You can find it here Free Motivational Lesson Plan

Free Motivational Posters Here you will find some motivational posters to download for the walls of your classroom. Watch this space as we will be adding more.


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