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free stuff for teenagers and students

There is free stuff for teenagers especially students all over the internet but a lot of it is rubbish with no value.

We aim to give you quality things that will be of interest to you and help you in your studies at school, college or university.

You can watch a 2 minute trial version of our inspirational and motivational Positive Beliefs and Actions - Inspirational Slideshow. If you really get value from it ask your school or college to contact us for the full version to show at your Assemblies.

Accelerated Learning helps you learn faster. In this day and age that is something you really need because the pressure is on you to gain good grades/qualifications at school or college.

Here you will find an amazing and inspirational book called The Learning Revolution. This book blew us away when we came across it a few years back. It was so popular it sold 10 million copies in 12 months. It is written in such a way that you skim-read all the left hand side pages first to give you a profile of each subject and then you read all the right-hand pages to get the detail. This book is a must for every teenager or student and the great news is you can get an ecopy here for FREE.

Every human being gets stressed. The only difference is how stressed? We all have different coping mechanisms to deal with the problems and challenges that life throws at us. Some of us can handle things well, others of us can't. So, we need everything we can get to help us get rid of high levels of stress.

We have a book called the Science of Breath that was written over 100 years ago by Yogi Ramacharaka in India. It gives lots of different breathing techniques that help de-stress us, increase our vitality and make us cope better with life.

We have a free ebook version that we would like to send you. This ebook version is free to anyone who joins our Motivational Newsletter. You can get a copy here Breathing Techniques

Are you about to sit exams and need some help? Do you have a bad memory and would like to do something about it? Here you will find a free Memory Technique that will enable you to learn, on average, about 1 bit of information per minute.

For example in 1 hour you will be able to remember approximately 60 bits of information.

Don't believe us! Try it. Go here Memory Technique

Every now and then a film comes along that has a great impact on us because it adds something to our lives. The Secret is one such film.

The message behind The Secret is simple. We attract what we think and believe. If we think and believe we will be successful then we will be. If we think and believe that we will never achieve anything in life then that's exactly what will happen.

This film is a 'must see' because it is inspirational, motivational and will make you sit up and think.

You can see the first 20 minutes FREE here The Secret

Now as you are probably into Motivation and we would like you to subscribe to our free Newsletter we are going to throw in a few freebies. The Science of Getting Rich book was the book that inspired Rhonda Byrne to write the book and create the film THE SECRET. It is yours for FREE. You will also get The Qualities of Good Teenager downloadable poster FREE. Plus The Science of Breath which will teach you how to relax when you are getting a little stressed. Just go to our Motivation Newsletter

Last here is a feelgood Flash Video from Butterfly 2729. Our thanks to him for his wisdom and inspiration. Go well my friend.

Please visit Free Stuff for Teenagers often as we aim to add more things soon.

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