Qualities and Strengths of a Great Teenager

  1. You have or are growing a strong character and will never give in to peer pressure.
  2. You know you are unique. You know no-one is like you. You will never lose that uniqueness, that true identity to others.
  3. You are totally focused on your goals and objectives.
  4. You know exactly where you are going in the world.
  5. You have the ability to get back on your feet and move forward when life throws you down.
  6. You have respect for every human being because you know we are somehow linked.
  7. You have no comprehension of discrimination. Everyone is equal.
  8. You KNOW that KNOWledge/Education is important to your future and to the future of your kids.
  9. You know the difference between right and wrong.
  10. You learn from mistakes and construct upon them.
  11. You respect and listen to the wisdom of the older generation.
  12. You give more than you take.
  13. You know that your life will be a mirror reflection of how you treat others.
  14. You know that personal sacrifices now will pay dividends later.
  15. You know that gangs are for followers and not leaders.
  16. You know that drugs and excessive alcohol can be crutches to hide pain. But you also know that you need to face that pain.
  17. You are proud of your achievements, talents, skills and abilities.
  18. You accept that every human being makes mistakes and has weaknesses including you.
  19. You appreciate the sacrifices that people close to you have made for you.
  20. You are always a good friend striving to offer unconditional love.
  21. You know that happiness comes from within.
  22. You are or will be a great father/mother to your kids.
  23. You know that success is down to determination, hard work and a positive mental attitude
  24. You know deep down that when you are old you can look back and know that your life was worthwhile.
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