High School Resources

School = Education
Education = Knowledge
Knowledge = Power
Power = Respect
Respect = Happiness
T M Hendry

At High School Resources you will find Inspirational, Motivational and Educational Learning Techniques, Teaching Methods, Assembly Ideas, Quotations, Posters and much more.

Positive Beliefs These are the Positive Beliefs we live by. They are powerful, profound and positively life changing.

License a Course Here you will find information on how your school can License one of our Motivational Courses and have a teacher, teaching assistant or mentor present it to all your students.

Teaching Methods Here you will find some great information on Accelerated Learning, Emotional Intelligence, Lateral Thinking and the Pymalion Effect. (Don't forget to watch the first 20 minutes of The Secret film on the Pygmalion Page).

Assemblies If you are stuck for ideas for Assemblies try this one. A sound and vision Motivational Slideshow with lots of positive messages and beliefs for your students and teachers. To watch a part of our slideshow please click on Assemblies.

Inspirational Teacher Quotes and Slideshow If you would like to inspire your teachers you will find another sound and vision Motivational Slideshow plus many Inspirational Quotes here.

Win a Positive Beliefs Slideshow for your Assemblies Find more details here about our free Schools Competition and how you can enter.

Education Quotes Education Quotes to inspire your teachers and students.

Qualites of a Good Teacher Do all your teachers teach effectively? Are they using all their qualities, experience and strengths when teaching your students? Do you have younger, inexperienced teachers who are open to learning more about teaching. Well hopefully these qualities should help.

Motivational Posters We believe every school should have positive, inspirational images and quotes on display. There is a lot to be said for subliminal communication. You will some stunning pictures and inspirational quotes here.

Funny Motivational Posters If you want to inject some humour into your school environment then these Funny Motivational Posters are just the thing.

Teacher Resource Store Here you will find professional and self-development techniques, books, advice,(some free) for you and your students. Keep visiting as we will be adding more in the coming weeks.

School Fundraising Here you will find a unique concept in fundraising. Donate it Forward was inspired by the film Pay it Forward and it shows how you can raise enough funds to purchase a licence to run our courses.

Company Sponsorship If you would like local companies to sponsor one of our Motivational or Pre-Exam Courses for your students then you will find information at Company Sponsorship.

Contextual Value Added (UK only) Details of the latest attainment measures for secondary schools.

Free Courses We are giving away Free Courses to schools that have little or no funding and high levels of underachieving students with confidence and self-esteem issues.

Please do visit often as we will be adding to the above resources list regularly.

Lastly, please consider putting a link to our site on your school website.

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