How does stress affect health and work?

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The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) in the UK Survey*

40% of teachers reported having visited their doctor with a stress-related problem in the previous year.

20% of teachers considered they drank too much

15% believed they were alcoholics.

25% suffered from serious stress related health problems including hypertension, insomnia, depression and gastrointestinal disorders.

Times Educational Supplement*

37% of secondary vacancies and 19% of primary vacancies were due to ill-health as compared to 9% of nursing vacancies and 5% in banking and the pharmaceutical industry.

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    Stress is something that you feel or experience when external and internal forces are putting too great a demand on your limited physical and mental energy.

    Stress causes are numerous. For example as a teacher you may perceive your workload to be too great, your expectation of yourself may be too high or your, perceived or real, inability to deal with young people with negative attitudes and behaviours is becoming too much of a problem.

    Other causes can come from your personal, social, professional or environmental backgrounds.

    Stress is very subtle in that it works its destructive way into our emotions and temperament and we sometimes don't even realise it.

    The definition of stress can be different for different people because it can affect us in different ways. We all have different tolerance levels to stress.

    This is what happens when you allow stress to overwhelm you...

    How does stress affect your health
    You are irritable and moody more often. You have a short temper when someone upsets you. You can’t focus properly because your mind is constantly turning over worst scenarios or negatives in your head.

    You are more prone to anxiety and panic attacks. You have more difficulty in thinking straight as your reptilian brain wants to take away your logic and put you on fear autopilot. You can’t take criticism easily because you see it as a personal attack.

    You begin to make mountains out of molehills and small things normally unimportant, become ‘important’. You might experience short shallow fast breathing when you become emotional. You cry more because you are much more sensitive.

    You don’t want to socialise because you find it difficult to smile and be positive. Low self-esteem and low confidence kick in as you begin to doubt yourself. Fears are greatly magnified.

    You come out in a stress rash. You begin to comfort eat and weight gain becomes a problem. You progressively become more unhealthy.

    In short you are not yourself. You are not the real you.

    Three years into delivering our courses to schools up and down the UK we realised that stress was playing a major negative part in many of the participants lives. Many of them were telling us about it and we could see it reflected in the feedback sheets that we have on file. For instance, many low self-esteem type comments and confidence levels were lower than they should have been.

    At that point we knew that a part of our courses had to focus on natural Stress Management Techniques. Thankfully we had experience of Rhythmic Breathing techniques and Deep Relaxation techniques.

    So, here is the good news. You can cope with stress. You can reduce stress. You can live with stress.

    All our courses include the following stress-busting techniques.

  • Stress Relief Breathing Technique
  • Muscle Relaxation Technique
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  • Biofeedback Stress Thermometer
  • Definition of Stress
  • Stress Causes
  • Symptoms of Stress
  • Stress Nutrition
  • Stress Reducer Card
  • *The Stress Statistics at the top of the page came from an article by Matt Jarvis a Chartered Psychologist at

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