How to Read Faster

Speed Learning - How To Read Faster

Reading faster is a definite help to the average reader and learner. Once learned, it can increase your retention rates, and will be an encouragement to you to read and learn more.

When you have the skills of a faster reader, you can implement speed learning in many ways, and enjoy a wider knowledge level and better reading skills. Follow this list of four guidelines to become the faster reader you’ve always wanted to be.

1. Stop Reading Aloud.
Reading aloud is the bane of many a slow reader. Instead of helping you to retain information, as some think, it slows down your brain and causes you to read much slower than you are capable of. The brain has to slow down to keep up as you read. Read with your eyes instead. Scan the pages and try not to look back as you read. To keep where you’re at and make sure your eyes will be focused, you can use your finger or your hand to guide your eyes across the page.

2. Don’t Pause Between Words.
Keep on reading. Once you’ve started a sentence, plough on through. Do not treat words as if they are single, individual words. Many readers, unconsciously, stop to ponder over a single word that stands out rather than just skimming over the sentence. Scan the entire sentence and read it without pausing. If this is something you’re unaccustomed to, it may be a little difficult. But, with the right amount of practice, you’ll feel at home in no time at all. If you want to practice, try reading a newspaper.

3. Scan Your Text.
This is important to do before as well as after you read. If you scan before you read your text, you can cut out the extras that don’t really need a thorough perusing. This will enable you to read in a much shorter time than you would if you took equal time over every paragraph. You can even mark the areas that you should especially read with a sticky note or marker so you won’t be re-scanning to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

4. Don’t Let Punctuation Distract You.
Things like periods and commas can actually stop a reader in their tracks for an unnecessary pause or two. But if you don’t let it worry you, you’ll be a much faster reader. Practice reading straight over the punctuation.

How to read faster will benefit you greatly when learning, when reading and when taking on-board knowledge.

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