Inspirational People

Inspirational people have the power to inspire us, motivate us and even help us live our lives more fully.

They are few and far between. They come into our lives and resonate with us at a very deep level. They move us emotionally, mentally and psychologically. They may even change us forever. They are special people.

We hope you enjoy listening to or reading about our choice of Inspirational People.

Some of the greatest speeches ever heard

This video proves that the human spirit can conquer the greatest challenges we humans can ever face. Nick Vujicic is a great inspiration to those of us who maybe are facing our own challenges in life. Be inspired!

Watch Patrick Henry Hughes and be inspired. Blind and crippled from birth

This is the famous speech by Severn Suzuki when she was 12 years old in 1992 to United Nations.

There is courage and then there is Randy Pausch who faced death with great dignity.

Who is your favourite speaker? What did they do or say to make a difference in your life? Share them with us.

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