Jr. High Choir teacher

by choirsinger72

He is seriously one of the most inspirational people I've ever met. I'm sad this will be my last year as his student. I've had him as a teacher for 3 years. He connects to us students by using our choir music. Last year we sang a song that spoke of peace, hope, and justice. He asked us to think of all the times we had been bullied and wanted hope to know there was hope, peace,and justice still left in our lives. Last year, we sang a song about things that seemed impossible (this one specifically about love) but yet we always reach for it, never give up on it. Recently, we sang a song about family troubles and how you just want the fighting to just go away. Being so frustrated at life at home you just want the trouble to fly. He teaches us how to vent our emotions through music and to me- that's just amazing. The thing that really gets me about him is he shares his personal stories about his life- I've cried so many times in his class because what he shares, I can connect to. I personally thanked him for being a great teacher and told him a little bit about my life(okay maybe a lot). Most students judge him because he's gay,that's what I hate about society. Pick one thing wrong, and they're too stubborn to see the better. He's a good person and who cares if he is gay. God bless him. He inspired me to want to become a choir teacher. I thank him for being the greatest teacher ever.

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