magic trick

by sarah brooks

First of all i thought the day was going to be boring, but i was wrong. i really enjoyed the day. I liked the magic trick in which i was involved in. It was a telepathic trick. I had to put the deck of cards in my hand face down ( left hand) and put one of my right fingers on top of the deck and concentrate on the cards for 5 secs. Then he turned two cards over one black and one red, and put these on the floor. I then had to say what colour came in to my head whether red or black and he would put them on the same colour pile. I did this and then at the end he took the red pile and split it in two and the same for the black pile he then numbered them one to four I then had to give each pile to a person and I kept the last pile and then in turn each person tured over there pile and all the reds were in the correct pile and so where the blacks and how he did it i dont know as he didnt look at the cards and neither did I. All he did ws send me message at the beginning which was telepathic and I did the rest of the trick.

the end

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