Memory Exercises

Memory Exercises are essential if you want to remember lots of information for exams, college and job interviews.

We also have online memory and study techniques for schools to put their students through just before their exams. See information below.

Memory Exercises

SensesUse all your senses when learning. See the information as pictures in your head as your visual sense is very powerful and good for recall.

RepetitionRepeat information like names and phone numbers, over and over again. How many times have you been introduced to someone only to forget their name a few minutes later?

OlfactoryTry and use your sense of smell, which is believed to be the most powerful sense we have.

AuditoryListen to the sounds the words you are trying to remember make. A lot of people are auditory learners and respond best to sounds.

SpatialOrganise your information in a spatial way. See it in a linear fashion or a flowchart fashion. Make Mind Maps with information that radiate our from the centre.

Mnemonics or AcronymsUse the letters of words to remember lists or items of information. Use the letters of subjects/items you wish to remember to make a word.

PostureBe alert. Don't slouch when learning. It tells your brain you are relaxing and are not on learning mode.

Speed ReadingDon't subvocalize or say each word to yourself when reading. Don't read one word at a time, read groups of words.

I recommend the following books for you or your students. They are a great investment.

Memory Books

We have an excellent ONLINE Memory Technique that will show you how to remember 50 items of information, in order, in less than 1 hour.

If you are school please go here

If you are a parent who wants to help their child/teenager then go here

If you are an individual then go here

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