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memory improvement online course

Our Online Memory Improvement Course is for parents whose kids need help with their learning and memory abilities. It is especially good for those about to sit their exams.

You can put your child/teenager through our online course and he/she will learn how to remember up to 50 bits of information, in order, in approximately 1-hour.

This technique can then be used in the classroom when being taught and when studying.

As long as you have a computer and printer then it is simple. Your child logs in using a password, downloads and prints the Memory Test Sheet and is then taken through two Flash Slideshows.

At the end of the 1-hour course you will be able to see how well he/she has done by testing him/her using the Memory Test Sheet that he/she has completed.

The cost is US$15 (£10 approx) and gives one or more of your kids access to the course as often as they like for 1-year.

You can purchase the course here

As an incentive, if you get 2 other parents to purchase our course we will send you a Motivational DVD (audio) for your child/teenager. Just email us their names and email addresses AFTER they have purchased and your Postal address and we will send you the DVD on receipt.

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