Online Memory Improvement/Study Skills Course for Students

1-hour online Memory Improvement Course for less than $0.30 cents (approx £0.20) per student.

This course is guaranteed to increase their learning which will have a positive effect on their academic achievement.

You can put ALL your students through this course in large or small groups or as individuals.

All each student needs is access to a computer.

Once Online they will download a Memory Improvement Course Sheet for completion and watch two Flash Slideshows.

The first Flash Slideshow teaches them the Memory Improvement technique and the second shows them how to apply the technique. The end result is that each student will have learned how to remember up to 50 items of information, in order, in less than 1-hour.

They can then apply the technique when being taught or when studying for their exams.

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You are purchasing a 1-year licence where your students can have 24/7/365 access to our online Memory Improvement Course. So, if they want they can even do it OUTSIDE school hours.

Purchase a course by clicking on the appropriate button below.

Schools with up to 1000 students
$295. Approx (£196)

Schools and Colleges with between 1001 to 2000 students
$345. Approx(£230)

Schools and Colleges with between 2001 and 3000 students
$395. Approx (£263)

Schools and Colleges with between 3001 and 4000 students
$445. Approx (£296)

School and Colleges with between 4001 and 5000 students
$495. Approx (£330)

Schools and Colleges with over 5000 students
$545. Approx (£363)

If you are a teacher or parent who wishes to put a student or child/teenager through the course please go here Memory Course Child/Teenager

If you need to remember lots of information for a job/college interview or for some other event please go here Memory Course Individuals

We have been delivering this short 1-hour Memory Improvement course to schools and colleges since 1999 and it has had an immediate positive impact on the students.

If you would like an invoice please contact us.

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