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One of the biggest challenges during your teenage years will be your exams. How you prepare for and approach your exams is critical and you will need all the resources you can find to help you be successful.

A memory technique is something that will help you take on board lots of information and recall it when it’s required – your exams. It is a tool that you need to use. If you don’t use the tool it can’t help you.

We have been using this memory technique with students all over the UK since 1999. The current memory record is 126 items of knowledge in less than 1 hour.

Here is the Memory Technique.

I am going to give you 10 items and I would like you to ‘see’ or ‘visualise’ each one and its connection to the items either side of it.

I want you to imagine a large bread BUN floating in the sky. Sticking out the side of the bread BUN is a glass SHOE. Give it a shape.

Coming out the bottom of the SHOE is the top of a TREE. A beautiful TREE full of green leaves. The TREE goes all the way to the ground where you are standing.

At the bottom of the TREE is a DOOR. Open the DOOR and walk inside. Once inside you will see a beautiful golden beeHIVE shining brilliantly.

You notice that someone has placed some STICKS underneath the beeHIVE. They have been placed like spokes of a bicycle wheel, all pointing out from the centre.

When you count them 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 STICKS, yes there are definitely 7 STICKS. As you look up from the STICKS you notice a little GATE on the front of the beeHIVE. You open the GATE and look inside.

Inside you see a purple VINE growing all around the wall. The wall is totally covered by the VINE. You look closely at the VINE and you notice a little brown HEN sitting on there quietly.

Now, look away from the screen and remember all the items that were presented in BOLD. Start with number 1 and work your way through to number 10. Don’t forget to visualise each one and its connected items.

Most of you will get them all correct. Don’t be concerned if you miss one or two as you are still learning. All you need to do is make the picture of each item more real, more graphic. See it vividly in your head.

Of course they all rhyme with their respective number.











Now for the big test. I would like you to get a blank piece of A4 or A3 paper. Draw two boxes at the top approx 6 cm square. Then draw another two underneath and so on until you have 10 boxes in total.

In the first box put the numbers 1 to 5 down the left hand side outside the box. Now, you are going to visit each room in your house, so I will start you off by choosing the first room. You can then choose the others in whatever order you like. There will be ten items per room, so two boxes per room.

OK. I would like you to stand in the doorway of your kitchen and write down 5 items that you see. If you want to use location start left to right or vice versa. If you want to use 5 items on a wall or worktop or floor then go ahead. Don’t duplicate from the previous box. Now visualise them in your head and when you are ready. Test yourself. The items do not have to rhyme with numbers.

OK. 5 out of 5? Good.

Next box. Write the numbers 6 to 10 and this time I would like you to choose items that you use. Same thing, visualise them and then test yourself. Be sure to always test yourself from number 1 onward.

OK. 10 out of 10. Good.

Now you’ve ‘got the picture.’ Choose the next room, numbers 11 to 15. Take your time and do exactly the same. 5 items you see and 5 items you use.

On average most of you will get to 50 items within the hour. Don’t worry if you are a little bit behind. This is not a race. You are learning.

You might be asking yourself what do I use when I run out of rooms? Well, you can use anything. Your favourite shops, for example, list 10 items that you might buy. Don’t forget to chunk them down to 2 boxes of five. Chunking down is one of the things that make this technique work.

You can use your hobbies, sports, fashion and let’s not forget the subjects that you will be tested on at school.

If you or your parents would like to take this to the next level and really see what you are capable of then we recommend the following.

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Here are just a few of the new skills and benefits you will gain from this course:

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  4. Add more words to your vocabulary in a week than most do in a year
  5. Learn a foreign language in a flash
  6. Memorize jokes instantly when you hear them and create a mental database of jokes for fun at parties
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