How to Assimilate and Recall More using Mind Maps

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Are you interested in Accelerated Learning Techniques? Want to give your students techniques for learning? Then please read the following about MindMapping as it covers the following:

A mind map is a unique way of bringing information together in a way that makes it easier to assimilate and recall. Related words, symbols, subjects, numbers all radiate out in branches from a central theme or keyword and this adds a more visual dimension. It is a great study aid and is one of the more effective forms of accelerated learning that we have come across.

If you are a teacher you will be able to help your students:

Improve their memory
Learn faster
Organise better
Communicate clearer
Become more creative
Save time
Increase their productivity

Tony Buzan is the originator of Mind Maps and at his website you will find free downloads, video tutorials and articles on the following:

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As you can see from the example you put your subject or theme in the centre of the page using a choice of colour.

Use as many branches as you need for each of your subheadings. Add symbols, pictures and words to each of the branches. Use connections.

The lines coming from the main subject are thicker with thicker branches. They become thinner as they go further out into the mind map. In this way you can see your main heading, your sub-headings and the related information for each of the sub-headings.

Colour is important. Colour code each branch or part of the branch and that brings together that information.

Make associations between the different subheadings.

Make the lines the same length as the word or picture.

With a bit of creativity you can design some fabulous Mindmaps.

Mind map, mind maps, accelerated learning

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