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Here you will find simple and free Mind Map Software and Professional full colour graphics Software.

A Mind Map or Spider Diagram is a unique and different way of bringing information together. Unlike linear information it is laid out in a more creative, right brain way which makess it more user-friendly and easier to assimiliate and recall.

They can be simple like the one below. This is one that we prepared when we were creating our eBook Effective Teaching Strategies Effective Teaching Strategies for Teachers.

As you can see below the information radiates out from the centre in related subjects or themes. In more complex Mind Maps one can use symbols, colours, links, graphics.

Mind Maps are more of a visual feast especially to most of us who are visual learners. They are great study aids and are probably one of the most effective forms of accelerated learning that we have come across.

As a teacher you will be you will be able to help your students:

Assimilate more of your suject
Improve their memory skills
Learn more, faster
Organise things better
Communicate clearer
Become more creative
Save time whilst learning
Increase their productivity

Simple Mind Map - Effective Teaching Strategies for Teachers

Here is the link to download it for free.

Free Mind Map Software

mind map software

If you want a professional version we highly recommend Tony Buzan's Mind Maps. See the example below. After all, he is the originator and creator of them. If like most teachers you are continually collating and presenting information on your subject this is probably the best investment you will ever make. Not least in respect of your time and your students recall.

Here is the link to his Mind Map Software.

www.iMindMap.com you will also find free downloads, video tutorials and articles.

mind map software

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