Motivating Students Towards Achievement

Every teacher or youth trainer will at some time in their career work with young people who have no motivation. Some work with young people like this every day.

Motivating young people is not easy. It can be like nailing jelly to a wall. Yes, impossible!

What's the secret? Find out what they like and don't like. Some students will be stimulated by desire, in other words be attracted to things that they want - money, success, achievement, kudos. Others will be stimulated by fear and do anything to get away from things that they don't want - failure, fear, pain, humiliation.

When you find what motivates your students you can work with it. We have been motivating students since 1999. In fact over 90,000 young people have participated in our 1 and 2-day courses. Our main course The Genesis eXperience is now available to all teachers and youth workers or anyone working with young people who have low confidence, low self-esteem or low motivation.

We pleased to offer the following.

Our full Teacher/Trainer Transcript Manual (82 pages long) which has 'word for word' how the course was actually presented to over 90,000 young people in schools and colleges. This can be downloaded as a PDF file. It not only gives tips and advice on how to run our motivation course but you have the full content of the course as well.

Second, a full colour course manual for each young person in your group. These are synchronized to the Transcipt Manual so the tutor can easily take a group of young people through a 1 or 2 day course. We normally work with a group of between 20 to 50 young people.

When you order the course it comes with a licence to use our copyright for 12 months. The Transcript Manual and licence is free when you order a minimum of 30 course manuals. The current cost of each manual is only 1.50 plus postage.

If you would like to find out more or put an order through please

If you would like to order our course materials please contact us.

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