Motivational-Lesson-Plans to Get Your Students out of their Comfort Zones

Motivational-Lesson-Plans do just that - they inspire and motivate. They help you get your students focused to their education. They stimulate activity. They get them out of their comfort zones.

We believe the greatest barriers to learning are not cognitive but emotional and motivational. An emotion moves you - positively or negatively. Motivation moves you - positively or negatively. Where there is no movement nothing can happen?

When none of these exist you have total apathy. Nothing!

  • If you have young people who have low confidence, low self-esteem, lack motivation or are apathetic then these are for you.
  • If you are finding it difficult to get through to your students then these are for you.
  • If you are up against negative attitudes and behaviours then these are for you.
  • These Motivational-Lesson-Plans are designed to be presented within a 30 to 60 minute period. They all come with Handouts.


      • Lateral Thinking 1
        This motivational lesson plan is for stimulating right brain activity. The right brain is the creative brain. It is where everything in the non-natural world was created. Creative thinkers include inventors, designers, song writers, poets, artists, etc. The lesson plan consists of a series of fun problems that help engage and focus your students to their creative side.

      • Lateral Thinking 2
        This motivational lesson plan proves we can all be creative. Anyone can invent or design something. The only question is will it be popular enough for people to be interested in it? The lesson plan focuses students to an everyday item and asks them to look at it with a view to coming up with something more effective.

      • Why education is important to your future.
        This motivational lesson plan is especially for those young people who think school is boring. It is a hard-hitting lesson that looks at what the future would be like with no education. It is motivation by fear.

      • Great lessons in how to treat other people and bring up your children.
        This motivational lesson plan looks at a famous poem that was penned back in the fifties and is still popular today. It instils important values and beliefs in your students.

      • Wheel of Life.
        A series of questions and answers produces a wheel graph showing where each young person spends their time and energy. It focuses on the important things in life like health, relationships, activities, community and self-improvement.

      • Positive Beliefs to live by each day.
        Words are powerful especially these ones. These are our core beliefs that inspire and motivate. This lesson plans defines and creates a discussion on each one of them.

      • Role Models and why we need them.
        Looks at some great role models and what they did to overcome the challenges in their lives. It is a powerful lesson plan that looks at success in the face of adversity.

      • Accelerated Learning Technique for Exams.
        This technique will definitely increase your students' learning and recall. In approximately 60 minutes you can have your students memorising on average, 50 plus items of information.

      • Stress Reduction.
        A Rhythmic Diaphragm Breathing technique that shows students how to de-stress and calm themselves.

        You will receive all of the above Lesson Plans as part of our Motivation Pack for Teachers

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