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Here you will find our favourite Motivational Books. If you are looking for stories to inspire, techniques to achieve greater rapport, accelerated learning techniques for instant learning and lateral thinking to stimulate right brain thinking, you will find them here. Plus, much, much more.

Most of the Motivational Books we recommend have been used by us and continue to add value to the work we do with schools and colleges. If you want to order any book please click on the Amazon link. Please note that you can order either from the USA or UK Amazon.

Every month we will add new recommendations to our book list, so, please do bookmark this page.

Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul or Chicken Soup for the Soul by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen If you want great, true, inspirational stories to tell your students there are a whole load of these books. You might want to start with this these two. I was on a train reading Chicken Soup for the Soul and I couldn't stop the tears of joy running down my face!

Children Learn What They Live This book covers the famous poem of the same name. It develops each part of the prose into a chapter. It focuses on how to nurture a child's sense of self, deal with the pressures of everyday parenting, reduce tension and hostility, help a child find their inner resources. We have created a Motivational Lesson Plan relating to the messages within this poem.

The Learning Revolution by Jeannette Vos This is a War and Peace on Accelerated Learning and each book should come with a CD, which has many of PowerPoint presentations on each subject within the book. Check before you buy as we have been informed that it has been discontinued. This book sold millions in a very short space of time. The new book is already on the internet and you can read about it for free at

Accelerated Learning by Colin Rose This is one of those books you should never judge by its cover. Nothing wonderful to look at but what amazing content! The stories are excellent. Check out the chapter on Music.

Emotional Intelligence and Working with Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman This book explains all about intra and inter-communication skills. In other words how you communicate with yourself and others. These things inside these books are very powerful especially if you are a teacher or trainer.

Lateral Thinking Puzzlers by Paul Sloane Lots of great Right Brain puzzles to run a few problem-solving sessions with your students.

Head First by Tony Buzan If you want to tell your students just how amazing they really are then this is the book for you. It gives 10 different ways to use your natural genius.

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