Motivation for Schools

In this big tough world with all its problems and challenges, schools, colleges and youth training organizations need everything they can find to help them motivate their teachers and students.

We have worked in the education and youth training sectors since 1999 and since then have created many useful resources that might help and add value to the great work that you are doing.

You will find many educational and motivational resources below. Please do visit often as we are continually adding new things.

Assembly Ideas Are you continually looking for new ideas for your Assemblies? Try these - Motivational Sound and Vision Positive Beliefs Slideshow and Why Education is Important to Your Future.

Don't Exclude that Kid If you have tried everything and are now thinking of excluding one of your students then read this.

School and College Motivation Licenses We are Licensing our motivation course The Genesis eXperience - Breaking Down the Social and Emotional Barriers to Learning to schools, colleges and youth training organizations. No more expensive costs to hire motivational speakers or external courses. For a reasonable license fee one of your teachers, teaching assistants or mentors can put hundreds of your young people through the course. Please click above for more information.

Motivation in the Classroom Here are some Motivational ideas that might just help you turn your students around especially if they have low confidence, low self-esteem or lack interest in their education.

Motivational Film Clips At Motivational Film Clips you will find a great sound and vision slideshow with some of the greatest film quotations ever said. See if you can remember the Films. You will also find our recommended list of motivational and inspirational film clips to inspire your young people.

Education Quotes If you want some inspiration we are hoping you will it here. Browse through some of these 'life-changing' quotes.

Motivational Books Our recommended Motivational Books will give your teachers the edge when working with students who lack motivation or have low confidence and low self-esteem.

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