Motivation for Teachers

Judge each day not by the harvest, but by the seeds you plant.

At Motivation for Teachers you will find great Teacher Quotes, Positive Beliefs to live by, techniques for overcoming the problems and challenges in life, stunning Motivational Posters for your school and much more.

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Motivation in the Classroom Here are some Motivational ideas that might just help you turn your students around especially if they have low confidence, low self-esteem or lack interest in their education.

Behaviour Management If your school is having problems with student behaviour then this is for you. It is a positive classroom intervention system that turns the traditional classroom configuration on its head. It is guaranteed to reduce disruptive behaviour.

Inspirational Teacher Quotes Here are some of the best Teacher Quotes we have ever come across and an inspirational sound and vision video for Teachers. Enjoy!

Teaching Lesson Plans If you really want to inspire, motivate and have fun with your students then these are for you.

Motivational School Videos Here you will find a trial version of our Positive Beliefs and Actions slideshow for assemblies. Enjoy.

Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) Here you will find information about the various courses being offered.

Free Mind Map Software Here you will some excellent software to create artistic mind maps for your subject.

Benefits of Failure Here you will find inspirational stories of people who overcame adversity of one sort or another. In their own way each of them proved that the human spirit is the most powerful force in the known universe. Teacher Salary. Information about how much teachers are receiving in America. Many articles about individual state salaries as well.

Inspirational People If you or your students ever doubt yourself then please watch these videos. You will see some of the most amazing, inspirational people ever.

Self Esteem Cards Our Self Esteem Cards are to help you change your negative thought processes. If stress or low self esteem is getting to you then these could be what you are looking for.

Motivational Film Clips Here you will find a great slideshow with famous lines from popular films. Read about our favourite Motivational Films and even order them. Enjoy!

How to Think Positively Some ideas and techniques to help you think Positively. Simple but effective.

How to Reduce Fear Some very good techniques that could help you get rid of your fear or phobia.

Inspirational Stories Here you can read about and send Inspirational Stories.

Inspirational Quotes And, to inspire you even more we have some great generic quotes.

Motivational Songs Here you will find a list of all the songs from the link at the top of this page.

Positive Beliefs These are the Beliefs we live by every day. They have great meaning and they actually help us get through the problems and challenges in life. We hope you think so to. Please do use them with your students whenever possible.

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Student Teacher Survival Guide This is a must for all you young and inexperienced teachers out there. We hope they will help in your early years of teaching. They can also be useful to the veterans as well. Sometimes we need reminding of things that are important in our careers. Please feel free to send us anything that might be useful to add to our Student Teacher Survival Guide.

Motivational Posters Every school should have positive images and messages displayed on all their walls. It is a form of subliminal communication and can be very powerful. Some of the images and pictures you will find here are quite simply stunning. Some of the quotes and messages, profound. Enjoy!

Funny Motivational Posters We all need humour in our lives and here you will find lots of it. Put them on your walls and they will help you see the funnier side of life even when things are not going your way.

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