Motivation Resources

We all need Motivation in our lives. It creates energy. Positive energy which motivates us towards something we desire and Negative energy which motivates us away from something we don't want - like fear or failure. In most cases they both work and both help us to achieve our goals.

You will find below a range of Motivation Resources which we hope will help you as a school, teacher, student or parent. They were created to help motivate, inspire and help.

They were created for schools to inspire and motivate teachers, for teachers to inspire and motivate students and for parents to motivate and inspire their kids.

Lastly, they were created for you to help you.

Below you will find an excellent sound and vision slideshow and some inspirational quotes for teachers. We hope these will help schools and colleges to motivate and inspire their teachers.

Inspirational Video and Quotes for Teachers

Below you will find a shortened trial version of our Positive Beliefs and Actions Slideshow for Students. This is to help schools motivate and inspire their students at assemblies and also in smaller groups. And, some of the most inspirational quotes for students that we could find.

Positive Beliefs and Actions Slideshow
Inspirational Quotes for Students

We live by these Beliefs every day of our lives. We present them in every course that we run. Some are profound. Some are very powerful. We hope that you can use them for yourself and/or for your students/kids. You can copy them from our website and put them on your website.

Positive Beliefs

The first time we saw The Secret we were blown away. The things that were being said were/are so true. We attract what we think. Think negatively and it will bring negative things. Think positively and it will bring positive things. Every school and college should show this film to their teachers and students. Every parent should watch this with their kids.

We are pleased to offer you a free 20 mins showing of The Secret film. Scroll through Subliminal Communication and you will find the link further down the page. Enjoy.

The Secret

If you read the previous article on Subliminal Communication you will have realised that our subconscious mind is far more powerful than our conscious mind. Therefore, the walls of your school or college should be adorned with positive messages and pictures. Below you will find a link to some of the most inspirational, motivational posters on the planet.

Motivational Posters

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