I never really wanted to be a teacher at first but my mother literally dragged me to this profession. According to her someone must carry the job because she was a very dedicated teacher.

Growing up seeing my mother, I learned to despise the job, in fact,abhorred it. But as I said, she literally dragged me to this profession. When I started college, she enrolled me at Central Mindanao University, one of the top universities here in Mindanao. I can say that although my grades were good, it wasn't my best performance.How could I perform at my best when i really didn't want the course that i was enrolled with? It was such a very hard time in my life, going to school, learning about subjects which I was never interested in.
At last, one semester more and I'd be out of that damnation. It was in the last semester of college, during my internship that a sudden turn of my career happened. I met my critic, my students and I just love them all. I never realized that I had the capacity to love teaching. But after a tiresome preparation of lesson plans, instructional materials and others with the support of my critic,little by little I started to love the teaching job. I loved it when my students learned, I loved it when they asked questions and I answered, I loved it when I spent time with my students coaching them during competitions... I just loved every inch of it...
Perhaps, it was part of God's great plan for me to be assigned with critic teachers so I would be inspired, indeed I was! I would always be grateful to my critic teachers...and to those students who made me feel like a real teacher for the first time.
I have never stopped teaching since then. Thirteen years have flown so fast and I can honestly say that there was never a time when i felt tired of the job. i enjoyed it so much and I can't imagine my life without it. In fact, when i was asked what would I do when I get to retirement age, my answer was a certain "I will still TEACH."
I love my job and I will always love it. I hope there are more than 24 hours in a day so there could me more time for me to nurture my students and inspire them as well to always be at their best no matter what happens, that they should always desire to be better people because life is beautiful. And it's even made more beautiful when you touch others' lives.
I want to infect my interns and my BSEd students with this "love for teaching" virus. It is my desire that after the semester under my care,they would love teaching too, just like me or even better than mine.
It is my vision to see teachers who love their job, imagine a classroom with a teacher not just knowledgeable in content but also inspiring, touching each of the student's life, making them realize their full potentials and push them to a higher level. It must be a great classroom to be in if the teacher is dedicated and passionate about what he does.
With my high school students, I continue to be the best teacher for them and every day should be better than yesterday... I have not considered my best teaching strategy nor my best teaching plan yet because I want to outdo my today's performance tomorrow and the next day and the next days there after.
Many of my students have been to far places, enrolled college, worked and did their thing in life but I always feel so loved by them when they update me with how they are doing...sending messages even amidst their full schedule, spending time in my house during holidays...They continue to be my inspiration... to even bbecome better everyday...
Romans 12:7 of THE NEW LIVING TRANSLATION states, "If your gift is of serving others, serve them well. If you are a teacher, do a good job in teaching." Above every inspiration I have, I serve God that's why I want to be always at my best!!!
And before i forget... Thank you to my mother for dragging me to this profession... To those whose live i have touched, it was a PLEASURE serving you... to those that i will still touch, I'm so excited to spend time with you. I love you all...
I will never get tired of saying... "I am a TEACHER and I thank GOD for it every single day..." So, to all teachers...always get inspiration and positive vibes with what you have everyday... and continue to infect others with your good virus...
Mabuhay ang mga guro!!!

JUSERE ANN CUA-BASAYA - You are a true inspiration to your students and your profession. Thank you for your story. Tom Hendry Website owner

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