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Inspirational quotes. This inspirational quote is meant to show that parents  can be good role models by bringing up their kids by example.

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Parent Resources is about helping your kids make the right choices, getting them to focus on their own identity and not losing it to their (negative) peers, And, keeping them away from the dangers of bullying, drugs, gangs and crime.

In a world full of problems and challenges you need everything you can get your hands on to help you bring up your kids the way you believe is right. That means investing a lot of blood, sweat and tears. But, isn't that what being a parent is all about!

If you are continuing to read this there is a possibility that you are one of those parents who is totally stressed out and has a story to tell. Maybe you have heard or seen the signs that your kid is taking drugs. Maybe your kid has turned his/her back on their education. Maybe their attitudes and behaviours don't bear any resemblance to the loving kid that you once knew. Maybe your kid has taken on the role of parent and ruling the roost. Maybe all communication has broken down and you feel like the loneliest person on the planet.

There are many, many reasons why kids goes off the rails and most of them have nothing to do with you as a responsible, caring parent. Although, there are times when you need to put yourself under the microscope. We will deal with them all.

The following subjects have been written to help you build a greater relationship with your kids. Once you have their trust and respect you can start steering them in the right direction. When that happens you are helping them to become responsible, caring adults ready to achieve in the world. The true role of a parent.

The following parent resources are not meant to be a panacea to every parent/child problem because some problems need specialist help. But, many problems can be solved by determination, persistence and a positive mental attitude.

Parenting Skills
You will find a free manual which includes parenting skills, teaching techniques, and communication skills used in the Parenting Skills Workshop Series. Eight workshops teach basic parenting skills and focus on replacing impulsive behavior with rational behavior and ineffective or hurtful parenting styles with effective, child-friendly skills.

Communication Skills for Parents
Some great tips for communicating with your kids. Try them you might be surprised by the impact they will have.

Raising your kids' self-esteem and achievement
Here you will find how to focus your kids to the positives in their lives. What have they achieved? What problems did they overcome? When were you proud of them?

Speed Learning for your Kids
Here you will find some excellent tips and techniques to help your kids with their education. There is also an online course that will show them how to memorise up to 50 bits of information in less than 1-hour. This is especially good if they are taking exams - Online Memory Improvement Course


Are you homeschooling your kids?

Do your kids have low confidence and low self-esteem?

Do you kids need motivating?

Then you may be interested in our esteem-building course The Genesis eXperience. This course has been presented to over 80,000 young people in schools and colleges since 1999.

It was written for teachers and youth trainers, however, it can utilised by parents who need that extra edge when homeschooling their kids.

Please contact us for more information putting 'The Genesis eXperience for Homeschoolers' as your header.

Please visit us again soon as we will be adding to the above.

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