Personal Achievement Diary

a young boy jumping with excitement because has achieved success in his education.

Focusing on your achievements makes you feel good, increases your confidence, enhances your self-esteem and keeps your focus more on the positives and less on the negatives in your life.

So, why not create a Journal or Diary of all the good times in your life.

If you have kids you might want to create one for them. Why? Because bringing up your kids in this big wide world is sometimes like climbing Mt Everest or swimming shark infested seas. There are problems, challenges and dangers everywhere. Drugs, crime, gangs, bullying, negative peer pressure, loss of confidence, low self-esteem, apathy, laziness, anger, attitude, hatred, rejection, abuse.

Some of you will have a chest of medals for the experiences you have been through with your kids.

In our courses we use the following Personal Achievement Diary idea to focus everyone to the positive experiences in their lives. This helps them regain a sense of identity, respect for themselves and to affirm that they are amazing human beings.

It also focuses on the problems they have overcome in their lives because without them they wouldn’t have achieved certain things in their lives.

The Personal Achievement Diary can be used either by you or by your kids. The example shown below is for a mother completing it for her daughter.

The Personal Achievement Diary should be completed every time something good happens. It is really a Journal or Diary of great memories and it will inspire and motivate when the going gets tough.

Success Journal of my wonderful daughter

    Your Achievements

    At school when you were aged 7, I was so proud of you when the teachers put one of your paintings on the classroom wall. I can always remember it. It was a white sailing boat on a blue sea.

    The wonderful look on your face when you took your new bike out on the road for the first time. You learned to ride that bike really well within a few days.

    The first time I ever saw you dancing on stage. It was the school play and I remember feeling so proud when you danced so beautifully.

    The day you brought home your exam results. Fantastic all top grades. We celebrated by going away for the weekend and spending some quality time together.

    All the medals and trophies you won for your figure skating.

    Problems you Overcame

    You were born on the 1 February 1990 with complications. Thankfully after a few days you pulled through and I knew then that my lovely daughter was a fighter.

    All the illnesses you pulled through. Especially the time when you had to go to hospital for a couple of weeks to have a viral problem sorted.

    The day you came home in tears and told me about being bullied. But I remember our conversation about standing up for what you believe in. Self respect. You then told the bullies that no matter what they did they would never beat you. I was so proud when you wrote a letter to their parents and the bullying stopped.

    What people have said about you

    I remember your aunt Linda saying that you were the most beautiful baby she had ever seen.

    I remember your teacher telling me that ‘your daughter is so well mannered and a credit to you’.

    The time when your boyfriend said ‘I have never met anyone like her. She is so different’.

    When you have helped other people

    You always helped your Grandmother with her shopping. She really appreciated that.

    The time you saved your young brother when he nearly drowned in that pool on holiday. We would have lost him that day had it not been for you.

    When I was going through a bad time in my relationship with your father, you were always there for me. I appreciated that so much.

    The $450 you raised for charity when you walked 25 miles. I even remember the painful blisters you had.

    When you were at your happiest

    Your 5th birthday party. I remember it so well. 20 kids and one big mess.

    When we all went to Disneyworld. The look on your face when Mickey Mouse came up to you. You were amazed.

    When you brought home John your boyfriend to meet me for the first time. You always thought he never liked you.

    Anyone can create a Personal Achievement Diary.

  • A father/mother for their son or daughter.
  • A teacher for a student.
  • A teenager for themself.
  • A friend for a friend.
  • You will find a range of our beautiful Personal Achievement Diaries for yourself or as a gift for someone special here.

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