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Please find below our recommended links where we hope you will find further resources to help you as a teacher, student or parent.

Self-development courses
Real life Stories and Videos of courage, compassion, humility and kindness.
Worldwide language schools directory. Find a Language School around the world.
Making a better life for children with cerebral palsy by providing Conductive Eduction.
Proofreading services. Advice and tips for writers of all ages. Motivational articles. A library where you can post your short stories and articles.
An information website to guide you on how to improve all aspects of your life such as marriage and other relationships, health, travel, and jobs through various adventurous activities.

Raise a Smile - The Zambian Children's Charity Raise a Smile is a non-profit children's charity organisation working in the education sector in Zambia to help underprivileged or orphaned children get a chance of a future - 100% of donations go directly to Raise a Smile projects (after bank fee's)
Learn how to achiever Radical Excellence by returning to the use of traditional values

High school diploma from home
Forest Trail Academy provides high school diploma from home that are convenient and cost-effective compared to actually attending class on a campus.

Dylexia Teacher
Information and resources for teachers of dyslexic children.

The Influential Teacher | Your Stress-Free Teaching Source
is an e-book which encourages the parents, teachers and carers of children with Special Needs to act as Dance Movement Therapists to their children. The aim is to encourage Mind-Body-and-Spirit integration.
You are going to LOVE this! A New Associate site powered by just for homeschoolers. PLUS you get Fast Free shipping on orders over $25.00!

Distance Education Degree Online
Check out allaccredited distance learning program and courses in accredited distance learning university and colleges before choosing an Associate, Bachelor,Master and online learning Doctorate program.
Do-it-yourself online meditations. Meaning of, history, benefits & uses. Many sub headings - Chakras, Chi energy, Yoga, Martial Arts, Dance & meditation, pain control, Buddhism, Zen, Mantras,Mandalas, Yantras, Tai Chi, Chi Gung,Taoism, Sounds & meditation. Guided meditations, tools, accessories.

National Association of Connexions Partners
NACP was founded in 2003 to serve as the umbrella organisation for England's 47 Connexions Partnerships. Connexions offers integrated information, advice, guidance and support to all 13-19 year olds (and young people with disabilities up to age 25). The service offers every young person access to a Personal Adviser (PA) to help them navigate their way through decisions about studying, jobs, careers, and the general complexities of growing up. The intention is to support all young people to get the best possible start in life so that they can feel good about themselves and realise their potential as they move into adulthood. - Directory

School Districts
Most local public primary and secondary schools are operated or managed by a school district.

The Student Zone - Contact
The Student Zone, International student community and lifestyle site which features advice, university & college guides, competitions, graduate and gap year information.
Specializes in teen and young adult nutrition, fitness, self-esteem, educational and fashion issues, linking visitors to a wide variety of products and services known to be of exceptional quality and value.
Earn high credits in your online program examinations through effective use of study skill and study techniques.
At Laerskool Kanonkop (Primary School Kanonkop) in Middelburg,Mpumalanga we believe in happy children, because then they excel in allareas of life.
For your domestic technology needs and gifts.

Holy Land sites Review
Review of biblical places in the Holy Land. Photos, Information, Travel, Biblical references, Historical references, Maps and links. This new web site visits places of interest from the Old and New Testaments, Crusader sites, and other historical ancient sites in the Galilee and other regions in Israel.

Get youR Man
A site for female teachers who are looking for a relationship

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