Role Models that Inspire and Motivate

Life can be wonderful for some of us and for others, extremely tough. It is actually the tough part, our problems and challenges, that will define who we eventually become.

The great role models of this world can play a major part in our lives because we can learn from them and be inspired by their qualities, traits, stories and challenges.

Every single one of us will have problems and challenges in our lives. To overcome them we will need to dig deep and find all the strengths that we have - determination, persistence, resilience, courage and a positive mental attitude.

Dig even deeper and you will find the most wonderful part of you - the human spirit!

So who are these role models that have made a difference in people's lives?

Role Models like:

Helen Keller who although blind and deaf from age 2 traveled the world with her message 'the world may be full of suffering but it is also full of overcoming'. Some of us actually believe we have a big problem in our life and when we compare to Helen Keller's we realise we don't. Or, maybe we do have a problem as big as Helen's and then suddenly realise if she can overcome her problem I can do the same. The human spirit is an amazing thing.

Lance Armstrong who beat cancer and then went on to beat the world's greatest cyclists seven years consecutively. I hope you bought one of his rubber wristbands because you would have helped to make the world a little bit better. This man's positive mental attitude and determination to win, to beat, to overcome is truly inspirational.

Martin Luther King who stood up to discrimination and poverty and helped pave the way for greater equal rights in America. No one can ever say that one person can't make a difference in this world. We can all make a difference. The only thing we need is the hunger. We need to want something badly enough.

Mahatma Gandhi who believed in non-violence and who was instrumental in standing up to the British Empire and getting India its freedom. A man of peace. A man who was above differences of colour, caste, religion or nationality. A man who is remembered the world over. He died with only a few personal possessions. His choice through his spirituality.

Thomas Edison who proved that through persistence and determination he could achieve. He finally invented the light bulb after some 10,000 'failures'. He didn't see them as failures , he saw them as steps closer to achieving his goal. He was Henry Ford's role model!

Einstein, one of the greatest brains of the 20th century whose theory of relativity took the scientific world by storm. Contrary to popular belief he did not go to university and in fact started off working as a clerk in a patents office. Slow to learn and not able to speak until after age 2. He said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” What a great message for those who have low self-esteem because they believe they lack intelligence.

Winston Churchill helped beat Germany in World War 2 and saved Britain from defeat. Not bad for someone who failed sixth grade and who was defeated in every election until age 62 when he became Prime Minister.

Abraham Lincoln failed in the army. Failed in business. Lost his sweetheart when she died. Had a nervous breakdown. Was defeated many, many times in politics especially for nomination for Congress, for US Senate, for vice-presidency in 1856. But, became the President of the United States in 1860.

F. W. Woolworth was not allowed to deal with customers when he worked in a dry goods store because his boss believed he he didn’t have enough sense.

Richard Bach wrote Jonathan Livingston Seagull in 1970 story about a “soaring eagle. After being turned down by many publishers Macmillan finally published it in 1970. By 1975 it had sold more than 7 million copies.

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