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The Student Motivation Pack

for Teachers

It's time to become a more creative force in your classroom and Inspire your young people 

10 x Motivational Lesson Plans

1 x Motivation/Esteem Building Course for Young People (80 pages)

1 x Lateral Thinking Slideshow Presentation for Young People

1 x Why Education is Important Slideshow for Young People

* All of the above can be integrated into your teaching

Mrs S Reddy. Southlands Secondary school

Well, I met Mrs reddy two years ago when I entered high school. It was a new place and I didn't know any if the teachers. Mrs reddy became my ems teacher

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Louis Gehrig (Lou Gehrig)

Lou Gehrig’s parents are immigrants from Germany who are poor and live in New York. Lou Gehrig was born June 19, 1903 in the Yorkville section of New

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Puppies For Sale

1...A farmer had some puppies he needed to sell. He painted an advertisement and posted it on the edge of his yard.

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Student Teacher Survival Guide

Student Teacher Survival Guide. A guide for student teachers, learning mentors, teaching assistants and teachers in schools and colleges. It will help and guide you.

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The Best Teacher

I had the best teacher in the whole world. He was fun, funny, told great stories, is Italian, and had amazing teaching skills. My teacher made us laugh,

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