self confidence that is the power


In my school life, I was an average student in studies. No one gave me the confidence to find talents. Now I feel that I coul do much more good in my studies and my relation with others if some one had helped me with my self confidence. I always liked to be alone at that time. I was mocked by my friends. These problems took place because of my lack of SELF-CONFIDENCE. I admit that I didn't have self-confidence in me when I went through my school life. There was no one behind me to give me a push to do some thing with my life. But in these last two years I am very much supported by my teachers and co-workers.(I am a student with a part time job) now I understanD the power of self-confidence. I recognise that there is nothing impossible for men or women. When you have self confidence in you, the word impossible does not exist. Every thing is possible. LIFE IS WONDERFUL IF YOU LIVE IT IN THE RIGHT WAY.CHALLENGES ARE NEEDED IN LIFE TO PROVE TO OTHERS WHAT YOU ARE.

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