The Genesis eXperience™ - Raising Achievement, Self-Esteem and Self Motivation Skills

In our work with many thousands of teenagers and adults, we have found that the greatest barriers to overcoming the challenges in our lives are not cognitive but motivational and emotional.

The Genesis eXperience focuses on these things especially on Esteem and Confidence Building.

You now have an opportunity to run this course that has been delivered to over 90,000 participants since 1999

It offers the following.

  • Motivational Strategies that will move you in the right direction and help you succeed in life.
  • Positive beliefs that will help reshape your views on yourself and the world around you.(The Beliefs are shown on the Graphic below which is the actual cover on the Course Manual)
  • Confidence and self-esteem exercises to help grow a new you.
  • Role Models and their stories that will inspire you.
  • New thinking skills for ongoing personal development
  • The course materials include a Self-Learning Manual that will 'walk' you through many aspects of self-development and a Course Manual that you complete using the knowledge gained after each section.

    If you would like to find out more about running a course please contact us

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